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SenseQuiet School Accountant 2.5

SenseQuiet School Accountant is a complete suite to control finance related requirement of any school or college. Fee module is integrated in-depth with Accounting module to save your valuable time. To get start, you just need to configure your Shift, Level (Classes) & Fee Terms. With just a click of mouse/monthly fee challan will be generated for all the students that can be printed as School Fee Challan or Bank Challan later on any time. There is a provision in software to generate single challan for more than one month (e.g. to collect June-July fees). You can also print Fee Receipt and Payment Voucher from the software. It does not only allow you managing your fee but it has all the tools to maintain other accounts e.g. Bank, Cash, Expenses, Vendor ETC. SQ School Accountant maintain Fee Receivable, Fee Income & Penalty accounts automatically to bring you comprehensive financial statements e.g. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balances ETC.

SenseQuiet School Accountant makes you confident by generating different reports related to due fee and fee challan & receipt history. Highlighted reports are Student Account Statement & Month Wise Fee Receivable Detail. It has option to print Student Receivable Note to forward parents in case of having continues non-payment. From the accounting point of view, reports from software will surely make you feel happy with the growth of school, Inshallah.

  • Unlimited Shifts, Classes
  • Unlimited Students
  • Categorized Chart of Accounts
  • Unlimited Fee Challan & Receipt
  • Unlimited Receipt, Payment & Journal Vouchers
  • Categorized List of Accounts
  • Categorized List of Students
  • Fee Challan & Receipt Registers
  • Vouchers Register
  • Regular Fee Challan for Students
  • Bank Fee Challan for Students
  • Vouchers Printout
  • Account Ledger
  • Student Account Ledger
  • Month wise Fee Receivable Report
  • Trial Balance Reports
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet

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