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SenseQuiet School Manager 2.5

SenseQuiet School Manager is a must-have package for all the school and colleges. It amazingly manage all the process from registration to examination and to fee collection to advance accounting in easiest way, even a single operator can maintain whole school in daily routine. Following departmental highlights will help you making decision regarding getting this application installed in your school.


SQ School Manager has specific student registration form, which can be used to allot unique G.R No and save other necessary information related to student. It shows saved photograph of student and having option to set student's presence in school e.g. Shift, Class, Section & Roll No. in Class. Registration form has date of admission and student specific discount column to be used in monthly fee challan process. There is an option in software to record and generate leaving certificate, on saving leaving certificate it will set student status left in registration form and will not generate fee through monthly process anymore.


You can define class wise schedule of charges (max. 11) e.g. Admission Fee, Annual Fee, Tuition Fee, Examination Fee ETC in Level Master File. With just a click of mouse/monthly fee challan will be generated for all the students that can be printed as School Fee Challan or Bank Challan later on any time. There is a provision in software to generate single challan for more than one month (e.g. to collect June-July fees). You can also print Fee Receipt from the software. You can specify due date in challan after that software will apply penalty in each receipt.

SenseQuiet School Accountant makes you confident by generating different reports related to due fee and fee challan & receipt history. Highlighted reports are Student Account Statement & Month Wise Fee Receivable Detail. It has option to print Student Receivable Note to forward parents in case of having continues non-payment.


Financial Accounting module is integrated in depth with Registration & Fee Modules. You will never find its feature less than any professional accounting software available generally for businesses. It's being maintained professionally after all it has to tell you what you are earning, expending and saving. You can maintain Cash, Bank, Vendor, Staff, Expenses & other Accounts using Receipt / Payment & Journal Vouchers.

SQ School Accountant maintain Fee Receivable, Fee Income & Penalty accounts automatically to bring you comprehensive financial statements e.g. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balances, Accounts Ledger ETC. Moreover you can split total fee income account (auto maintained through fee management module) with various income account using journal voucher as some school reserve Admission Fee for specific expense. From the accounting point of view, reports from software will surely make you feel happy with the growth of school, Inshallah.


Recording daily attendance of all the students will no more treated boring after having SQ School Manager in your School as it automatically mark all the students present with just click of one button, after that user just has to notify which one is absent or on leave. Using this software you will never forced to use just Present / Absent classification, you can configure your own required classification for recording attendance. Daily Student Attendance Summary generated from SQ School Manager can inform you what was the presents of students overall or class wise in specific date. A report called Periodic Attendance Summary of Students can help class teacher analyze student's attendance performance in many way by explaining present and absent ratio of students. Besides these specially designed reports, software also print general 31 attendance register, this is available by the name Students Attendance Register. Student Attendance module is not limited to fly-alone, it's integrated with Registration & Examination Module e.g. Software prints attendance status automatically in Marksheet, Leaving Certificate and other reports where it's required.


Examination module of SQ School Manager is limit-less flexible and configurable within single academic year. It's possible within software to arrange unlimited term based examinations, it's possible to take exam of different subjects in different terms and it's further possible to configure participation of some classes (not whole school) in any term. You can create Control & Subsidiary based subjects list and assign Max. & Min. Marks of your Choice. Moreover you can put your own grading system in it... It's all are just few examples of how much it is configurable.

For getting start with Examination module, it allow you to assign subjects to each class in subsidiary only or control & subsidiary format (e.g. English is Control and its subsidiaries are 1. English Oral, 2. English Written). User can print control only in printout and use subsidiaries just for putting obtained marks. With subject, its maximum and minimum marks will be defined and it will be informed by user which is the subjects, conditional for passing class. Once subjects have been configured, the next step is to define Examination Term, here term name will be specified and marked if the term is final exam, alteration in classes' participation and subjects can be made here. Grading Setup is just another optional step, if school has its own grading system based on Result Percentage. Finally Examination outcome will be recorded for each class, here user just has to put marks obtained by students and finally software will calculate result, percentages, grade & rank. On successful recording and final checking yearly exam, there is an option in software called Student Promotion, it will promote all passed students to next class automatically.

Examination module of SQ School Manager not just print Marksheet of Examination, it print various other reports for school, teacher and parents to analyze performance of student during the year, even it prints life time performance report.

  • Unlimited Shifts, Classes
  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Subjects
    (Optional Control / Subsidiary Based)
  • Unlimited Examination Terms
  • Categorized Chart of Accounts
  • Unlimited Fee Challan & Receipt
  • Unlimited Receipt, Payment & Journal Vouchers
  • (Semi-Auto) Daily Student Attendance
  • Examination Result Recording
    Just put obtained marks, everything else is auto
  • Categorized List of Accounts
  • Categorized List of Students
  • Fee Challan & Receipt Registers
  • Vouchers Register
  • Regular Fee Challan for Students
  • Bank Fee Challan for Students
  • Vouchers Printout
  • Account Ledger
  • Student Account Ledger
  • Month wise Fee Receivable Report
  • Trial Balance Reports
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Attendance Register & Summaries
  • Class wise Subjects Offer Sheet
  • Single Term's Marksheet for Student
  • Yearly Result Sheet Printout
  • Lifetime Performance History of Student
  • Subject wise Examination Sheet
  • Examination Report of Class
  • Provisional, Birth, Aptitude ETC Certificates
  • Certificate of Student Leaving

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