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Μαθηματικά Α΄ Δημοτικού

Μαθηματικά Α΄ Δημοτικού

Category: Home & Education


“Maths for the 1st class of Primary School” is an advanced educational software product that successfully combines education with entertainment. Through a rich interactive environment, it helps students to become familiar with the issues of Mathematics for the 1st class of Primary School. It covers the following items:
Numbers 1-5
  • Equivalence, Comparison, Addition, Subtraction
Numbers 0 and 6-10
  • Equivalence, Comparison, Addition, Subtraction
Numbers up to 20
  • Comparison, Addition, Subtraction, Problems
Numbers up to 100
  • Comparison
  • Horizontal operations
  • Vertical addition without carrying
  • Vertical subtraction without borrowing 
  • Shapes, Lines, Geometric patterns
  • Money, Time
  • Compatible with the school curriculum 
  • Well-drawn animated graphics 
  • Friendly and easy-to-use environment 
  • Self-assessment of the student
  • Content management tool and evaluation tool for both individual pupil progress and class progress during school time (with score, detailed  results, level of difficulty for each exercise) 
  • Ability to choose the exercises that will appear in the software
  • Detailed Teacher’s manual
  • Upgradeable via internet 
Minimum requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7 
  • 800x600 screen with 65536 colours 
  • Sound card
  • PC compatible with Adobe® Flash® Player 8 


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